Domoticka works with you to help you automate your home… and your life

Together, we design your ideal home automation plan and customize the solution that will suit you and your family’s comfort and leisure while ensuring your safety. We offer a suite of sophisticated automation solutions that are practical and affordable for every home and are managed through a single interface. Through your mobile device, you can instantly access, your security cameras, lighting/temperature controls and even set up a movie or play your favourite music before you even walk in your front door.


Safety and Security

Want to check on your home while you’re on vacation? It’s all accessible through your mobile device. You’ll even have actual videos of what transpires- who was on your property? Did the sprinkler system go off? Are the lights off…Read more here.

Home Theatre

Let us create the perfect experience of sound and light for your home. Domoticka will give you an amazing movie theater experience with the convenience of never leaving your favorite chair…Read more here.

Whole Home Audio

Today, music lives all over your home. Our solutions allow you to enjoy music throughout your home no matter where it lives…Read more here.

Energy Management

At Domoticka, we believe that true automation means practicality and a cost efficient home. Our solutions are designed to make your home sexy, affordable, efficient, and secure…Read more here.


It’s technology that links and controls the electronics and systems in your home – through one easy-to-use interface. At Domoticka, we believe that life’s better when everything works together. Read more here.

Domoticka is a HAI Five Star Dealer and CEDIA member

“We Create the Experience”

A 15 year career in the high tech industry combined with a full fledged passion for architecture and electronics inspired me to turn my passion into a career. In 2009, I made the leap to home automation and established DOMOTICKA.

What I find most rewarding about our projects is the real connection we make with our clients. Everyone has different needs, preferences and lifestyles. Therefore every design is unique to each homeowner’s vision and lifestyle.

Before we design a project, there are three essential questions we need to know to deliver the best automation experience for you.



Warranty & Service Commitment
Domoticka will give you a full warranty commitment. We will match our service commitment and labour warranty for the same length of the manufacturers’ warranty of a given product. Our professional team will be available to provide service throughout the tenure of the warranty relationship.