Energy Management

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Energy Management

Do you want to monitor the temperature of different rooms in your home while you’re out of the country? Maybe your wine cellar or your pool?

At Domoticka, we believe that true automation means practicality and a cost efficient home. Our solutions are designed to make your home sexy, simple, efficient, and secure. By combining lighting and temperature control features, you can actually see savings of up to 35% off your electricity bills. Not only do we work with you to save you money, but we also save you time as we design pre-programmed functions to automatically do your daily routine events.

  • Lights can be dimmed to a lower percentage such as 50% brightness instead of 100%

  • Occupancy sensors can be programmed to automatically switch on and off air conditioning system (heating/cooling)

  • Regulate thermostats and temperature systems where applicable

  • Install Shutter/Blind/Curtain control systems to make use of daylight whenever possible

  • All in one user friendly system (ex:¬†control lighting, thermostat, multi room audio, security and video cameras¬†all from a remote, keypad or touch screen in the wall, via the internet or by any phone/tablet device)

  • Have desired lights turn on automatically when you walk into a room or open a door