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Control 4 App: The App that Automates Your Home

The Control4 MyHome app allows you to automate your home completely. You can have control of your television, heat, ceiling fan, air conditioner, music (including where you want it heard, whether in the den or the shower), lights (including the level of brightness that you want), or home security surveillance camera (which even allows for close ups).

This is an App that allows you to do all of the above, with the use just one item — whether it’s your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, smart phone, personal computer, Mac, Android tablet, or any other device that you always keep handy.

Control4 has been a major player in home and office automation since 2003. You have the option to choose what you need for your home, in this way allowing you to control your budget and purchase the products piece by piece when you can afford them.

Starter Kit

If you are interested in home automation but don’t know where to start, Control4 offers a Starter Kit to give you a feel of home technology. The Starter Kit includes a Controller box and a Zigbee (wireless) remote control device.

With the starter kit you can use the remote control to create a user face on your TV screen. There will be icons for your DVD players, blueray changers, zap box, KO box and all other AV equipment that you own. You can even access your movies and music, and select it with this starter kit.

The Controller box can be used if you decide to expand your home automation system over time. It can be used to control your light, heating, door stations and security system.

You also can purchase an advanced touch panel which includes a camera and intercom capability for $999. Another option is the table top wifi version touch screen, which you can carry with you wherever you go.

Information Security

You can be certain that your information security is intact if your home is Control4 enabled. This is because the Control4MyHome app operates with your WiFi home network, which specifies which devices are authorized to connect with your system.
If you are using a single device that you want to connect to your Control4 system, then you need a device license. However, you are not limited to using just one single, specific device.

With a Site Licencse, you can mix and match the devices you will use on your Control4MyHome app, such as using both an Android and a PC, or even adding an iPad to your system.

With a Control4 MyHome app, you have the freedom to automate your home at your own pace, especially with the Starter Kit which provides a base for all else that follows.

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