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HAI: Home Automation for Every Lifestyle and Budget

HAI home automation meets your security and lifestyle needs, and plus lowers your energy cost so that it eventually pays for itself. It also raises the resale value of your home. With HAI you can choose among a range of products that are user friendly, even for young children.

With HAI you can schedule your heat settings so that they automatically lower, turn off and turn on at your prearranged time. When no one is home the heat will turn off, and when you are nearing your house it turns on so that your home is at the exact temperature you want it to be when you step inside. The same type of control can be used for your air conditioner, lights and music.

HAI can also provide video surveillance, recording, access cards for designated areas where you want more security and fire systems that will detect smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, water and other hazards.

HAI automation can be installed in new homes or retrofitted into old ones. There is also the option to go Wireless. The products are designed to be integrated with a HAI control system, but many HAI products will work on their own, without the HAI control system.

You have the benefit of a greener home, a home that conserves energy and lowers your energy bill without sacrificiing – and in fact, even enhancing – the safety and comfort of yourself and your family.


While technology often is composed of moving parts – fans, disk drives, etc., that fail, HAI’s embedded controller technology makes it more durable to the point that it can last for decades. There is no need to repair one single part that may make the whole system fall apart.

This is because all HAI products are not interdependent on other products in your home – not even your computer. All products can work on their own, even if they are integrated for more efficient end user functioning.

Best of all HAI is budget friendly. The price will depend on how large your home is and what features you will choose. There are many HAI dealers, and your dealer will assess your home and family needs. The dealer can then offer you a customized system suited to your needs and budget.

HAI, which is sold in 80 countries, is the new standard for automated home living. Now, you can monitor your home wherever you are, even when you are travelling in a different country. With HAI, your home has a “brain” through which you can check on your house anytime, anywhere.

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